My Faves are X.org, XDM and WindowMaker - simple yet productive.

Personally XFeree86 is to old, KDM too flashy and ICEWM is just horrible.

GNOME is good as its like the mac or WIN2K in that its simple, sleek and fast. Its also good for people with disabilities.

KDE has more bells and whistles and looks like XP (Either a good or a bad thing)

What does everyone else think as I have had a lot of people asking me which is the "best"

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When we're talking about servers, like you mentioned, I'd say NO desktop/WM is the best.

If I ever install a desktop, it's TWM, or IonWM. they're minimal, have a very small memory footprint, and they don't get in the way. They just allow you to open an Xterm, basically. The only other time you'll see me installing X on a server is if I want to watch GKrellM give me remote status monitors.

By the way-- why the poll on "What OS" when it's a thread about what Window Manager for servers is best? Or, am I missing something?

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