I have an FC4 PC and a Laptop running WinXP on my LAN. The IPs on both PCs are statically assigned. I have confirmed ping tests to and fro both PCs to confirm both are on the network. I have Putty Installed and running on my WinXP.

The IP on my FC4 is xxx.xxx.xx.5. The one on my WInXP is of the format xxx.xxx.xx.2. I have observed that i can only connect from Windows to Linux, using Putty if the FC4 has the IP xxx.xxx.xx.5. The first time I installed Putty a week ago, (.5) was the IP I had assigned to my FC4. If I should change the IP on my FC4 to some other valid IP i have, confirm ping tests to and fro, and I try to connect to Linux from Windows, using Putty, I get the error "connection refused". However if I should change my FC4 back to (.5), connection is possible thru putty on Win.

Pls, why is this so? Note: i verify that both PCs are on the network, ping to and fro, etc. If I changed my FC4 IP, definitely I change the IP putty is to connect to, but still I get a connection refused error.

Pls help

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Putty caches the certificates (SSH certs) in a setting file in the registry in windows. On Linux, it is in the known_hosts file in .ssh directory (most distros). Just do a

find known_hosts


locate known_hosts

in Linux. In windows look for SshHostKeys in the following registry entry:


You're set! You can delete sessions there too...delete it and try connecting again.

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