Hi all, I've just installed Linux ubuntu in my computer days ago, and there's not any media player, so I've downloaded tetom player but I've no idea about linux or how to install it's software. so I need some one to tutor me "from the scratch of the scratch" I know I'm asking too much but...... any help????

rpm -ihv *.rpm

This is the command of installing onto any linux O.S.

You open the Terminal Portal and enter the folder of the Program by using e.g. /home/root/ and if you have your tetom located in this folder then you type out the initial command, you should be through, it will install it and you will be able to run it. Any problems please tell me.

What distribution+version of Linux did you install? Each major type has its own package manager that will download and install a package along with any missing dependencies. Also, for an audio/video player for Linux, you will have the best luck with VLC. It handles the widest variety of media formats around.

thanks, I'll try it ^_^

FWIW, Ubuntu and other Debian-based distributions use the Aptitude package manager. The GUI version for Ubuntu is Synaptic. The command line version is called apt-get. For Red Hat and Suse distributions, they use the YUM package manger, which is built on top of RPM. YUM deals with installing dependencies much better than RPM does. Each accesses local or online repositories to get the packages you want to install. Sometimes you have to install the repository you need to get the packages you want. For Red Hat, there are several optional ones, such as Epel, RPMForge, and atrpms. For example, for Red Hat distributions, VLC is found in the atrpms repository.

more information to know, thanks.
I tryed to install it using the terminal, but some commands dont respond, do you think I have to download another terminal??

You can install software in Ubuntu with double click if you have *.deb file. If you want software just go to http://www.getdeb.net/welcome/. Here you can find various softwares, just download *.deb file and double click on that file. Your software will be get installed instantly. Enjoy, Ubuntu

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In ubuntu 11.10. Double clicking .deb file wont work. use this command if it is .deb file: sudo dpkg -i file.deb ..
if it is compressed file, extract it somewhere, then go to that directory in terminal and run these commands:
(then) make
(then) sudo make install ...

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