Hi all,

My site is on dedicated server by fasthosts.co.uk.
i get email from host server that my site has been placed on the Spamhaus SBL.
below is the content for that:

>> Web bot: port 80
>> IP address on fasthosts.co.uk/live-servers.net 
>> Canadian Pharmacy spammer[s] are using a botnet consisting of 
>> compromised systems on which NGINX is installed listening on port 80 
>> to proxy their pages unless the system, itself, is making use of that 
>> port in which case nginx listend on port 8080. The nameservers 
>> resolve hostnames which are spamvertized as port 80 (http://hostname) 
>> to IP addresses of systems with nginx listening on port 80 and 
>> resolve other hostnames, spamvertized on port 8080, 
>> http://hostname:8080, to IP addresses with nginx listening on that port.
>> The nameservers and hosts quickly rotate (double fast-flux) though 
>> the nameserver IP addresses listed in the root servers ('glue' 
>> records) may not change so quickly.
>> If you know a hostname you can find it at both port 80 and port 8080 
>> bots by forcing the resolution.
>> Canadian Pharmacy is running a counterfeit luxury good ('replicas') 
>> site along with their pharmacy site at these IP addresses.
>> A currently resolvable (for some reason they seem often to lose 
>> domains!) is discountprowatch.com (replicas site, spamvertized on 
>> port 80) and a recent (unresolvable) pharmacy hostname is 
>> buyviagraworld.com (spamvertized on port 8080). While they have 
>> "lost" buyviagraworld.com (there are no nameserver records in the 
>> root servers) they have not "retired" it (their nameservers, if you 
>> can find them, still resolve it to port 8080 bots and you can find 
>> the pharmacy site up by forcing the resolution).

Now host support is saying to resolve all issues.
But i don't know what can i do to solve it.

M not aware of server settings.
Please all experts help me out.

Will wait for response.

Have you called their tech support? If you have an account with them their tech support is free. I can't make out what the problem is from that e-mail you got sent so I unfortunately can't help.

Not really useful information for you, but I live in the same city Fasthosts is located and work just down the road from them.

Sounds like spam installed in your server and started sending flood of stuffs!
Have you got massive mail sending like mailing list?
How long have you hosted there?

Thanks all for help and time.
This issue is solved.
Even i don't know exact reason but one linux server guy have installed firewall and some software on dedicated server and issue is solved.