Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem..

at the minute I have a few Western Digital 1tb drives, that I have connected to a server running red hat 5 (RHEL 5), but for some reason they aren't showing up at all, even when I try df

2 of the drives were connected straight out of the box, no changes - another was formatted to ext3 and none of them are showing up.. I have a feeling the server doesn't have ntfs drivers or anything installed (tried cat /proc/filesystem and no ntfs) but shouldn't the drives show up if I run df anyways - I just won't be able to mount/use them?

Many thanks in advance :)

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They won't show up with df unless they have been partitioned and there are valid file systems installed in those partitions. These devices should show up in /dev however.


Try running fdisk and get a list of what drives and partitions the system sees connected.

fdisk -l

Finally got it working today.... turns out the version of RedHat we have doesn't have the NTFS modules installed and the module we had downloaded was the wrong one (for a different build of RedHat or something?)

Eventually got it all up and running but thanks anyways, never thought of looking in /dev/ for it! :)

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