Hey to veryone!
First of all I want to ask sory about this but I have two prob:
1- Don't speak (& write) good english;
2- My Laptop Asus A3H Celeron M 380 with 768 MB of RAM doesn't start (can hear working byt the screen is allways black, because I have made a error when I had reinstall the Windows XP SP2).
Somebody can give me some help? I'll nead to know how can reinstll the windows XP or if can I working with this Linux stuf?

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Actually, I'll tell you right now, in plain english.
Try using xubuntu. install is simple enough, and It is great! I use ubuntu.
anyway, after installing ubuntu, look at ubuntu software center to get most of practically everything you would need for an OS. anyway, if you want I can guide you through the install process if it's not simple enough.

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Xubuntu is a good choice. You can download the LiveCD, and use it to boot your laptop. If everything works out OK, you can choose to install the OS. You can download it from here: http://xubuntu.org/

I'd suggest Ubuntu over Xubuntu, much better documentation and a mch better desktop environment. Also, try plugging your laptop into an external monitor just to check that your screen isn't broken.

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