I just installed Apache on my Ubuntu 12.04 and set it up to run with my domain name. Everything is working perfect, with one qualm. Though my site is up, and when I type mydomain.com/index.html, the index page loads, or suppose I type mydomain.com/directory, the index.html page in that directory loads automatically, I am facing problems with the home page. Yes, when I type mydomain.com the Apache test page loads instead of my actual page. I suspect that the problem might be pertaining to me not setting the correct DirectoryIndex directive, I tried fixing it by going to /etc/apache2/apache2.conf, but I don't think I'm placing it in the right place. Any assistance would be appreciated! :)

EDIT: Typing localhost does lead me to my homepage, though.

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Go to your website directory in "/var/www/html/" and check the index.html.
In case it is correct (i.e. the index page of your website), restart apache and it should work.

Hope this help.

@nalawar, I did this 1000 times, but it did not work. However, I have solved the problem myself. It was just a matter of clearing my browser's cache and restarting my browser. The home page is loading properly now, and the test page has gone. Thanks for your help, though! :)

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