im working on a LFS system .
everything is ok till chapter 7
in 7 lfs tell me to create a /etc/fstab i create it in lfs system . then tell me to create a grub config
i create them too in lfs system but here i dont know what to do .
update grub.cfg in lfs host (OoenSUSE) or lfs System ?
in other chapter tell me to work with udev
in udevadm said test the /sys/block/hdd i dont have it in my lfs system ,
any one can help me and give me a good explain about this chapters ?

thank you

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They are pretty clearly written and self-explanatory. Read them again, perhaps 2 or 3 times. /etc/fstab is the file that contains instructions for the kernel to mount file systems when the system is booted. The grub config file is another kettle of fish entirely, and not related to /etc/fstab. How it is configured depends upon whether you are installing grub, or grub2. They are VERY different. I haven't done an LFS install for a couple of years so I don't know which grub version (1 or 2) that yours is using.

I know they are different unfotunately my bad english make a miss understanding .
my question is install grub in LFS system or LFS Host (OpenSuse) .
and another question is about i dont have any blocks in my sys or dev fs
thats not very clear for me

thank you for helping

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