hello im hakim from malaysia...
i have are problem about sharing file connection...
first,i have are computer with window 7 but can't sharing file from linux server [redhat 9]...second,have are problem ip conflict with window 7 and window xp to access linux server...how to reconnection that problem and how to resolve ip conflict...can you help me?

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You are not providing enough information to help much. IP addressing problems arise when either you have assigned the same IP address to two computers on your LAN, or you have assigned a static IP address to one that is in the dynamic address range of your DHCP server that has granted that IP address to another system. That may, or may not be relevant to the first issue of file sharing.

File sharing between Windows and Linux/Unix systems is done in one of two ways - NFS or Samba/CIFS. CIFS is the standard file-sharing protocol for Windows systems. Linux systems can mount CIFS shares very easily. Linux can be a CIFS file server for Windows systems by installing the Samba server tool and sharing specific directories, just like Windows shares. NFS is quite different, and normally your Linux system will be an NFS server, and Windows systems can install NFS client software so they can access NFS shares. I have done both, and they both work well. However, the devil is in the details, such as in the configuration of these tools. You need to do some studying to determine how to set up these servers to work best in your environment. There are a lot of resources on the Internet (Google is your friend) to help, but the subject is too deep and extensive to cover here in any kind of detail. We can help with specific issues, but general case issues are not feasible.

thanks rubberman....but the problem with window 7 sharing...the server cannot accessible..
how to resolve that problem?

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