Hie all l have an Hp Proliant ML110 G5 and l have installed Unix ScoServer 6 but it is not giving the GUI when i press CTL+ALT+f2, so l can l in the command line configure that so that l can get the GUI for either a standard crt monitor or a flat screen one?

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People are still installing SCO Unix? Is there a particular/specific reason for this? Have you considered other Unix variants, such as BSD (both FreeBSD and OpenBSD are good)? These are much more current than SCO (which as a company pretty much doesn't exist any longer - effectively), yet are true Unix systems.

@rubberman...true that there is a particular reason why i installed Sco specifically it is not a mistake.

The X11 server this system is running is most likely NOT a version of the current xorg server that does support flat-panel displays. However, the more likely issue is that the X11 server just does not support the video hardware you have. It may be possible to configure it to use the vesa driver/interface that most all current hardware will support, but without having access to your system configuration settings in /etc, I can only speculate.

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