other day i got a email saying they want a internview on postion "Linux Systems Programmer".

the problem is that i have not used Linux for about 4 to 5 yrs. and forgot most of the stuff.

can some one tell me important topics in linux programming? that way i can brush up on old stuff.

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'Systems' and 'Programmer' sound like 2 separate jobs to me.

Systems may entail Server management, monitoring, deployment, design, etc...
Programmer I would take as a software developer position.

Perhaps they want someone versed in scripting solution for server systems in Bash? Maybe they mean something else related to web site back end processes?

Not sure what direction to give you since the description is very vague.

'Systems' and 'Programmer' sound like 2 separate jobs to me.

They're not. The difference is that a systems programmer will generally write code that sits below userland and provides services to the hardware or OS. This is as opposed to an application programmer that writes programs for users. I've also seen "systems programmer" used in reference to jobs that would better be described as "system administrator". But often the two are intertwined because you won't be good at either without some experience in both.

sits below userland and provides services to the hardware or OS

So something more like hardware control or like driver development? What would be an example of something a 'systems programmer' would create?

What languages can you write in? Or, when you did work with Linux, what language(s) did you put in your CV that some company would have kept on file?

Would you like to tell us the name of the company, caution would be wise and respected if you didn't want to name the company, but if you got some background on them you might get a better idea of what they want from you.

Hey, it's good to be in demand, eh? :-)

job description:

The Office of Integrated Technologies, Server Systems Group, seeks an experienced Linux Systems Programmer Analyst (State Title: Lead Programmer Analyst, SL3) to support the college’s server and networking infrastructure. Preferred candidates will have experience developing with server scripting languages (e.g. Perl, PHP, Ruby, BASH); building and managing LAMP servers; installing and maintaining RHEL v5/6 servers and demonstrated proficiency adapting and learning new technologies.

The successful candidate should have demonstrated work experience administering servers in a highly available and distributed environment. The candidate should possess strong analytic, communication & collaborative skills, and be knowledgeable about emerging trends in technology.


. Linux server administration experience
• Programming proficiency with server scripting languages: Perl, PHP, Python, or BASH
• Programming experience with C/C++ or Java

Linux server administration goes pretty much from booting Linux to configuration and installation + compatibility. C/C++ and JAVA most probably for debugging installations and less for dev. LAMP (Apache webserver + MySQL + PHP) pretty much says about what kind of servers they speak about. Also, LAMP can explain why you may need knowledge about PHP and some server-side supporting scripting languages.

Good luck!

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