Hey I am a new unix student, please help me in this Exercise
" Write a C code to represent a file system tree into an XML file. The XML is an
exact representation of the file system nested files and directories that starts with the root directory “/”.
The generated file can be useful when searching for a specific file or directory."

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Can I refer you to Daniwebs Rules.

They specifically mention that we shall not write code, or write your homework.
If you need help on a content specific section then ask but you must show your own work when doing this.

How much C do you know so far, official resources and Google (other search engines are available) are always good places to start and then when you get stuck on a section then we are always happy to help.

This is an excellent excercize! You will learn how to code C structures, and generate XML data. Start by describing the solution to the problem in text/pseudo-code. Think about the structures you need to reflect the data (classes in C++), and what XML contructs will reflect that data to write to disc. Make an effort, and we will be happy to help you sort out your issues, but AHarrisGsy is absolutely correct in that we are NOT here to help you cheat! I'm SURE that is not what you intended, correct? :-)

As i said befor am new in this field and I just need a help in the way of starting in it , I don't want the Solution

thanks :)

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