maybe someone can write most important things what web developer should know about linux? When I am reading linux tutorials, I often find out that I don't need this what I read. At least never needed. So its not fun to read about things which you don't need.

What I have tried/read so far is:

what is the dedault logs directory
how to delete older than X days logs
how to restart apache
how to filter processes running
currently trying out compiling a program (but as I read in Ubuntu tutorial - this is rarely needed in reality, becauseo on Ubuntu most of stuff is already compiled. If not compiled, the progrma might be not stable yet or something like that.)
writing Cron tasks
list of files
current directory
free disk space
changing permissions

So what is missing from this list? What should I be familiar with else?

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Configuring a firewall for example, or using a version control system as git or subversion, ssh, PECL and PEAR if you are using PHP, building and using a chroot, dealing with compilation of a program: it's not true that if not compiled is not stable, imagemagick for example is available by apt but you must compile it from source to tune or just to match your server and application features, same story for nginx, apache, gearman, php and mysql. But there is a lot more to take in consideration, it depends on your role (configuring everything or just the httpd server?) and in the application you want to develop.


Btw my coworker said that PEAR is dieing. So I gues I will not use it. Actually I have tried it on windows but it was a pain to do a simple thing.

My role is web developer, not the main administrator of systems, so I think knowing main things are most important. I think its important to not be completely noob in case coworker goes on holidays or something so I could fix some problems.

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