What's gvfs and why can't root access it?

Emphasized Text Heremint-desktop ~ # du -sh /home/garrett
du: cannot access `/home/garrett/.gvfs': Permission denied
73G /home/garrett

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This is part of Gnome and it's used by the system when you connect to a remote server (ftp, webdav, ssh):

userspace virtual filesystem - server
gvfs is a userspace virtual filesystem where mount runs as a separate processes which you talk to via D-Bus. It also contains a gio module that seamlessly adds gvfs support to all applications using the gio API. It also supports exposing the gvfs mounts to non-gio applications using fuse.
This package contains the gvfs server that provides gvfs mounts to all gio applications, and the minimal set of backends.


If you run "Connect to server" and then browse inside .gvfs through the terminal, you will find the map tree of the remote resource.


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