Hi I'm wanting to replace the hdd in this laptop with a much larger 750gb-1tb drive. The only dimensions I can find for the Vaio hdd is that it's 2.5" 6.35cm sata 1 8mb buffer 5400rpm. Am I ok to replace it with pretty much any other 2.5 form factor hdd sata drive?

Physically, any 2.5" laptop sata drive will work. However, a lot of the Sony Vaio hardware has embedded identifiers that the BIOS interrogates and if they aren't Sony "branded" devices, they won't work. The only way to tell for sure is to try one. I know we had issues of this sort with a Vaio that my wife had some time ago.

Cool thanks for the info.

Hi, I've gone with this one:

Click Here

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Samsung makes good drives, so if it works, you should be golden... :-)

Well seems to be working fine. Had a couple of problems (windows wouldn't update). But that seems to be more to do with the cloning process that the disc itself. All seems to be going well now. The disc model numder is ST1000LM024 Samsung for future reference. Pretty Happy.

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