I saw yesterday some projects for computer scientists, they connected the computer to a light that turn on/off on a submit button click from a webpage (locahost) ...
It's not all, there is a team who created a trafffic light sensssorrr!!!! the lights switch automatically depending on the move of the hand ....
I asked lot of people from where can i start ... but no one answered me ... So hope DANIWEB could be a hero =D

Q: what are the languages used?
From where can i start ?

I know java (first year) and web dev{html,css,php,js etc...} (but I don't think they are the key here)

Thank you,
Best Regards

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I should firstly also point you to 'The Big Bang Theory' episode in which Sheldon and the crew did this with a stereo, lamp and remote control cars.

When doing something like this, you will need an I/O Board such as Arduino and a router (in terms of hardware). This shall allow you to connect to the internet, the Arduino is programmed in a variation of C and you would tell it to accept input from a specific website (or if you hack the routers firmware, connect to it via the routers configuration panel).
I haven't done much with Arduino or similar so unfortunately this is about all I can give you, so to conclude:

-Arduino and Router with modified firmware
-Whatever device you want to control (Arduino has pins for up to 5Volts)
-Knowledge of C

HTML, PHP and CSS can help you if you want to customise your site though!

aha very interesting !! thank you
Can I make a robot starting from Arduino ? like this one Click Here


Arduino is basically just an interface that allows you to control analogue or digital devices with a computer program.
The arduino (approximately £15/$35) has a set of terminals which you wire an input or output device into and then using your computer program you tell it what to do depending on what happens to it.

For example, with an input of 1 Volt on pin 10 tunr on the motor on pin 7.

Providing you know how to do it then it is possible, if you need any help then I recommend you watching this tutorial series on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCxzA9_kg6s&feature=list_related&playnext=1&list=SPA567CE235D39FA84

aha okay .. i think that things are clear now ... I will watch the series
Thank you!!

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