How can i restore the backup in my portable harddisk in lunx based operation system runing on imb server system x3650 (oracle application and database runing) when my server get's crush. i don't have command on coding at lunix terminals, please let me know the coding if possible.

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*correction IBM server

Depends what kind of backup. You can usually conenct the external drive via usb, have it mounted under /media or /mnt, and access the backup data. How are you backing up?

yes i am restoring the backup from external harddrive. after connecting harddrive it show the drive in media folder by name of usb dist it have one file PROD_BKUP13SEP2013 backup is in this folder what should b the line of code when i open terminal in linux.

Again, this depends on how you created the backup. Is this a sqldump? A Tar'd directory? An Rsync? Something else?

i just simly connected my external harddrive and and used copy command
cp -rf from source to target and three folders copied to my external harddrive one of database one of application and one of data.

If that's all you did, then you can just cp the files and directories right back into the machine... Nothing to it. Just build a new machine if needed, install the same packages and applications, then copy in the files from your exterenal disk. Chown or chmod the copied in files if needed.

yes this is what's confusing it clear about the procedure but dont know the code

cp -rf/PROD_BKUP25JULY2013/ /proddb/ this should be the cammand ? or i have to be more sepecific about my location on both side. prod_bkup25july2013 is in my external hard drive ann proddb folder is in my machine how should give proper location of proddb in my os ? what should b the coding for it ?

The external HD would normally auto-mount in /media/ but you can mount it anywhere really. Assuming it automounted properly,

cp -r /media/PROD_BKUP25JULY2013/* /proddb/

yes you are right it auto-mount's in media/usbdisk. thanks for the help brother.

while taking the backup my system used to closed the terminal and show's me the folder on usbdisk where i have copied my all data when my the process of copying is completed but from last week it never shows me the folder and terminal remains open as it is coping is continew but its actullay done i have to close the terminal my self and check my self while measuring the the size of the usb disk folder and folder and size of the folder on my system. how could i get those settings back to let me know automatically so i dont have to guess and close while its processing. i use cp -rf /proddb/ /media/usbdisk/prod_bkupsep13/proddb. this command to copy the proddb data. please help

Hey boddy, something that I normally do is use "-v" when I use the copy command. This is basically the verbose option that shows you everyting that is being done/copied and once finished brings you back to your terminal prompt.

I don't know about the other feature you use to have to dysplay the size of the file once coping was completed or how the folder would open automatically.

Are you sure you didn't have a certain other program install on your system?

for example there is this program called "gcp" which shows exactly what I thik you're looking for, size, when finished and progress while coping. You can install the program on Ubuntu linux by:

sudo apt-get install gcp.

You can use several other options in cp command but cp is limited. Take a look at cp --help for more options.

Hope that helps.

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