is there anyone interested in the idea of making a new operating system in the (Unix Like operating systems) category,
if you are interested we can start brainstorming about how achieve that goal.

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There are tonnes of people who would be interested. I would suggest that you post to a Linux forum, such as, with this request. Also, post what your rationales are for making this effort. You won't be the first (or last) person to do this! :-)

What you have to think through is how much this will actually require. I have seen many people bringing up this topic and they have all been either under-skilled, haven't thought this through or simply doing it for the wrong reason.

So, if you are thinking about posting this on other forums, do yourself a favor and take your time to tell the members that you are not a skid and you have a serious thought about this. Tell them how dedicated you are, because you are going to spend hours, days, weeks and even months on this project. Hell even years. There will be tims where all you want to do is abandon the project, throw it away. It's when you encounter those times the really dedicated people stand out.

So before proceeding with this, ask yourself; "Do i really want to do what it takes to make a whole operating system.

It will be interesting to me as well on your rationales for making another linux flavor. There are already so many of them it is quite confusing for the ordinary users. It is on one hand really quite some work and the other hand you should also think about how long can you support such a system. I really hate to see some good program or linux flavor for that matter that goes for a year or 2 or 3 and then the developers don't have time supporting and updating it and everything is gone in month or so. The user then have to find another good program/linux flavor and start learning new ways of doing common things. This really sucks.

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