Im learning in school how to use Windows Server 2008 but im not that good in it, I have a book from the school and going to read it during christmas break to unterstand it better but do you guys have any tips on learning it.

This is the book I have from the school for the class Im going to read:

I have school so I dont have much time to sit down and read it slowly to understand it.

It's always beneficial to have the product in front of you while you are learning. It is for me anyway. MS has 2008 server available for download with a trail license. You should load this up on a machine or a VM and use it while learning.

I would agree that the VM option is the best choice for getting into the weeds when it comes to learning an operating system. Without some hands-on, the reading isnt going to sink in.

Fortunately for you, there are many VM products which are free for download (Microsoft Virtual PC, VMWare Player, and VirtualBox.

I already have VMware and server 2008 to work with

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