Greeting to all Experts
I am totally confused why suddenly this error appear when ever any form is submitted from my site. I have a website which have 3-4 different types of forms. These forms can be filled up by registered user only. Like Inquiry Form, Admission Form, New Staff Form, Fee Deposit Form user fill these form as per need and submit 1 thank you email goes to their email id. Till today morning every thing was fine but suddenly from afternoon when ever any one is submitting any of those form is they are getting this Message

Your request timed out. Please retry the request

Simply on the top left corner then if user refresh the page and continue the form data get submitted and receive the thank you mail. I checked for data in database they perfectly coming to the database. But I can't understand why this message is appearing on every submit.

If any one faced this type of issue then kindly share what I have to do to get rid of this error.

With Regards Thank you

If you have backup copies of all of your web pages and application files, then run a checksum (cksum, md5sum, etc) on both the backups and the ones that are active in your web server directories, and then compare them. My guess is that you have been infected with a malware that has modified some of your pages. This can be a serious issue, and you need to sort it out PDQ before your users are totally pwned... :-(