I want a software that can give a back up of any client computer, from my server
is there ? what software?
and I want a software that I know any change in client PC OS (or HardWare changes !!!),by each client user
I want to see this changes in my server
please help
thank you for your help

You'll probably need to implement your own mechanism for looking at hardware changes.

You'll want to look at various incrmental backup solutions, or implement your own. Are you storing the backups on an hdd? A tape? Optical disks? Do you need encryption? Compression?

There are quite a few pieces of software that can do that.

Own nice option is to just use rsync. This software is easy to automate (e.g., bash script / cron job), and provides many useful options and features. It's an incremental backup tool, meaning that each time (e.g., each night / week) you do the rsync'ing between the client and server, it compares the file-systems (files, file-sizes, folders, etc.) to find any discrepancies between them, and then it transfers only the data needed to bring them back in sync. There are also options for security (ssh), compression, etc. This is my go-to utility for backups. You can also do dry-runs (with the --dry-run option) to simply process the file-systems to know what has changed, without actually performing the sync'ing operation.

For full image backups, you can also use dd over a network, but that's not incremental, meaning that it will require a lot of bandwidth.

Another option is to rely on some journaling file-system for your clients, or better yet, on a copy-on-write file-system such at btrfs. With a file-system like that, the incremental changes made to the partition are recorded as an integral part of the file-system, with options to move back and forth in time and send the diffs over networks. Btrfs is essentially the Unix/Linux equivalent of Apple's Time Machine/Capsule.

If you want to check for changes in the hardware of your clients, you should be able to pick that up on standard pseudo-files (like the /proc or /var). You can also check for differences in installed software by using the package management logs, or other system logs. You might have to write some simple scripts and parsers if you want to automate those tasks, but that's what a system administrator is paid for, after all, isn't it?

Can you please be more specific with your question.

Hi again
thank you @mik 2000 17 :)
for changes in clients mmmmmm.... in windows server we have directory service or in the other words we have active directory.
in short
I want somthing like it

how about FOG ?

ITPT: Check out R1Soft (Idera Server Backup) or Crashplan. I don't know of any one piece of software that will do backups AND notify you of hardware changes on the client side, but if you want incremental or continuous backups scheduled from a central server, R1Soft is a good choice. It's cross-platform too, so you can use it on Windows or Linux.

Hi again thank you for your help

how about FOG ?

what is FOG and why u think it can be a solution for my problem?(for backup)
I want a directory sevice but i have a problem:
my sever is linux base and my client is windows bace!


Are you storing the backups on an hdd? A tape? Optical disks? Do you need encryption? Compression?

I can stor the bachups on hdd
and I don't need encryption but compression is necessary

If you want to back up files, you can always use Tars incremental backup system and stream it though xz. (see info tar and info xz)

Need to back up virtual machines, databases and email servers on-premises or offsite? AhsayOBM (Ahsay Online Backup Manager) is the client-side backup application that you need!

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