I just set up a samba media server and I got it up and running but it currently has to have a username and password to access the files. Do you know lines I need to edit in these two files to allow anyone, user or not to access the files, read only obviously?

garrett@bedroom /etc/samba $ cat smbshared.conf 
    comment = Linux Media Server
    path = /home/garrett/Videos
    browsable = yes
    guest ok = yes
    read only = yes
    available = yes
    public = no
    writable = no
    valid users = garrett

garrett@bedroom /etc/samba $ cat smb.conf
server string = Media Server
workgroup = workgroup
netbios name = bedroom
security = user
encrypt password = yes
guest account = nobody
name resolve order = bcast host
include = /etc/samba/smbshared.conf
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