hi every one, im using ubuntu 12.04, and i have installed windows 7 and ubuntu12.04 on my laptob, and because im news i could not give the good size for my ubuntu home and boot directory, as from Gpartioned application apears
ext4 /home and ext4 /boot are 3.72 GB each, and i have about 200 GB unallocated how i can join those 200 to my home directory? thank you very much

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If the /home and the unallocated space are contiguous, you can use fdisk to resize the /home partition, and then use resize2fs to increase the file system size. Do bear in mind that you will need to be sure you are not using any files on that partition when you do (or bad things may occur - but not necessarily).

If you installed this from a live CD/DVD you may also be able to resize the partitions using gparted from booting off the live CD/DVD. You should also be able to move partitions around if they are not contiguous. Files shouldn't be in use as you are using the live disc.

let us know how it goes.

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