Hi !
I change the CentOS-Media.repo in etc/yum.repo.d because I want to install a program of flash memory.
I changed enable and baseurl fields :
enable = 0 to enable = 1 and baseurl = file:///media in CentOS-Media.repo
but when I write this cammand in media directory :
#yum --disablerepo=\* --enablerepo=c5-media install namesoftware

it show an error to me:
Error : cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository:c5-media .please verify its path and try again

what is repomd.xml?
how can I solve this problem?
plz help me!

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You have changed the baseurl target to a local directory in /media. This is either incorrect, or the required data that should be there isn't. Why did you do this? Changing enable = 0 to enable = 1 isn't the issue here.

I want just to install my software
My cent OS installed in VMware
when write yum install nameOfsoftware it can not found in internet
wget and curl can not download this software so I download from another workstation.
when I download software then send to Flash memory
I try install by rpm but it can not found my Flash memory
and one way remained.it is above description but it failed !

why don't you set up the centos repo and epel? that way it will be much easy to download and install packages.

thank u

why don't you set up the centos repo and epel?

excuse me, but I did not Catch
what means? "set up the repo and epel"?

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