Actually I change the permissions of my var/lib/mysql folder to view the files using the command:
sudo chown -R .
after that wen i was trying to access my phpmyadmin it was displaying error message like:

2002 Cannot log in to the MySQL server

Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed.
Can u please tell me the way how to access my phpmyadmin again.

Lot of thanks to all

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What owner did you change the permissions to?
It sounds like PHPMyAdmin no longer has the access rights to use the files and therefore it cannot configure itself.

Mostly, this sort of problem exists because the application is checking the permissions of the files/directories they use to be sure that they have not been "hacked". Change the permissions back to the defaults, and either switch to the root account (su - root) to view them, or set up your sudo permissions to view them. Check the /etc/sudoers file for your specific permissions.

You guys are missing one key element of the OP's question:

sudo chown -R .

He has changed the ownership properties. Thus he should try chaning the ownerhip to match whichever user:group combination is attempting to access them when he runs into his problem.

Try "sudo chown mysql -R". The usual username used for the mysqld service is mysql but it's best to check your user account list file.

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