I recently installed Windows Server 2008 and how my BIOS keeps setting the Windows boot as the default boot rather than Linux even though I keep setting the Linux SSD as the primary. Any ideas on why it keeps getting reset to Windows in the BIOS? I have 3 OSs on 3 different drives, Linux on a SSD, Windows 8 on a HDD, and Windows Server 2008 on it's own drive.

Also, after installing Windows Server 2008 I get the following errors.

File \Windows\system32\winload.efi

Status 0xc0000428

Any ideas there?

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I cannot solve your issue, but I used boot-repair recently to restore broken boot configurations and it worked each time.

In ubuntu, or live ubuntu, you can install boot-repair with apt-get, as described here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair .

You only need to run the tool, click on 'Recommended Repair', and perhaps answer one question or two.

It may very well solve the issue.

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Did you install Windows first? You need to do that since it thinks that it owns the system. Then you install Linux and it will adjust the boot loader accordingly. A problem can occur if you install a Linux OS using grub and then one with grub2, in which case you may have some manual configuration to deal with. However, since you have Windows 7 on one drive, Windows 8 on another, and only one Linux OS the problem is whether or not Windows 7 and 8 support multiple Windows boot images. Myself, I install Linux as the host OS and run Windows in virtual machines. Much less trouble over all.


Windows 8 was installed first because that's what came with the computer. Then I added to SSD for Linux, one for the OS and one for my home DIR. Everything worked fine until I just tried installing windows server 08, now I have to hit delete everytime the system is booting up and manually switch to Linux. And even though I change the boot order to the Linux drive the next time I turn the computer on again it will be set to the windows drive again.

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