i try to setup my usb modem on linux/manjaro ..but i caaant !!
i inseret the usb then extract linux file ..then go to the terminal to run the installation file .. install.sh
but it failed at least ..so how can i make the modem run on manjaro ??

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What error did you get when the install failed?
Probably could not execute the script. Try this:

. ./install.sh

If not let us know what the error is and we will work from there.

Off the top of my head, a couple of obvious things to check are:

  1. Is the script executable?
    I don't know how much you know about the Linux terminal commands, so apologies if you already know this; but you can determine whether the file is executable using ls:
    ls -l ./install.sh
    Check the permissions in the listing to see if the executable (x) flag is set.
    If it is not set, you can use chmod to make the file executable:
    chmod +x ./install.sh

  2. Were you running the install script as root?
    If you ran the installer as a normal/unprivileged user, that would cause problems!
    Try using sudo ./install.sh to run the script as root.

NOTE: I'm not familiar with Manjaro. I know it's based on Arch, but I don't know what software is installed by default on Manjaro. If sudo is not installed, then use whatever mechanism is in place to allow you escalate your privileges to root (su?).

If none of these suggestions are of any help, please post again listing the exact errors output by your attempts to run the script.

Linux usb modems are a species of serial modem. You need to use the network management tool to configure it properly, as a PPP device.

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