I am trying to open gmemusage in a specific workspace using perl; however, gmem doesn't accept the -xrm parameter. Is ther another method that can use to accomplish this?

#use strict;

$ENV{DISPLAY} = "$1:0.0";

#system('xlogo -xrm "*workspaceList: Two"');     #<--- This works
system('gmemusage -xrm "*workspaceList: Two"');  #<--- This does not work

sub testSystemScript{
    if( $? == -1)
        die("Command failed: $!\n");
    return 0;

Is this an X-Windows program, or a text-based one? I don't have it on my RHEL 6.4 system, and it doesn't appear in any of my repositories.

Text based? Here is a link to the program gmemusage. I am using gmemusage for the example. I am trying to open any program into any workspace.

The capability to automatically direct an X-Windows tool, such as this, to a specific workspace, is dependent upon the application supporting those options. Multiple workspaces is NOT an X-Windows capability, but one more associated with specific window managers. You will have to switch to the workspace you want to run it on first, and then start the tool.