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Having been using windows for the worst part of a decade, last night I decided to format my hdd and install Ubuntu 14.04.Having installed the media codecs and various application I can't seem to find the Intel i3 drivers so I can configure my display settings.can someone please enlighten me on how I can get the display drivers for my H61 motherboard??

The display drivers for Intel graphics are integrated by default in Linux. Intel contributes their display driver codes to the open-source community, and have been doing so for a long time. This means that you shouldn't have to install any kind of special display drivers for Intel graphics, i.e., they are built-in.

In any case, the Intel graphics drivers and related tools are all available through Ubuntu's repositories. If you search for Intel graphics or drivers through the software center, you will find everything you might need, but they should be already installed. Look for packages like:


But most of these are installed by default, especially if you have intel graphics. I have a laptop with Intel graphics and I never had to install anything more than what was installed by default.

To change your display settings, you have to go through the default Ubuntu system settings menus, because Intel graphics are natively supported by Linux systems (as opposed to other graphics card drivers like Nvidia or ATI, that come with separate configuration tools).

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