I'm building a destkop and working somewhat on a budget. I have came down to 2 CPUS that I can choose from. I need to know which one of these CPU's would perform better and faster. The AMD APU A8 - 7600 or the Intel i3 - 4160? The AMD has more cores but on certain websites I see that they say that the Intel out performs the AMD. This to me is very strange as the AMD has more cores.

Also, if I buy an AMD FX processor, do I need to buy a GPU for displaying my screen, because I dont see that the FX has graphics. Correct me on this if I'm wrong.

NOTE: I'm mainly going to use this computer for computing numbers, working out mathmatical stuff and do a lot of intesive encrypting and decrypting of my network data etc... Not really graphics at all.

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get the a8 .. its not noticably slower than the i3 in general computing but is noticably better in anything graphical .. n plz pair it with 1866 Mhz ram as integrated gfx of amd will use system ram ..


intel is better for performance, but AMD is better for graphical performance. I prefer INTEL but I love AMD :D

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