Hi, I've been having some issues with my server that at times it runs the application smoothly but lately there has been some irregularities in the performance. We run the server on Rackspace but they are telling us that the problem is in our end. Our site is running on Drupal. We've been having irregularities in the loading Time in the DOM processing and the Page rendering. I was wondering if you've got some advice on where to begin searching for answers. I have limited experience when it comes to System Administration and would like to hear some pointers to where should I head to. Thank you very much for your help. Appreciate it.

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Could be anything, unfortunately with cms's like wordpress and drupal you run the gauntlet of relying on their software, plugins or custom themes tend to be the culprits as these are where most exploits come from.

I would start by locking down removing any unwanted plugins or scripts that you don't need. Also make sure your contact forms have captchas to ensure someone isn't spamming one of your forms.

Thank iamthwee. Thanks for the feedback. I've tried to disable some modules that we are not using anymorebut still had some trouble. What tools would you recommend using to measure the problem? .We are currently using New Relic as our metric tool but since we are in the basic package it doesn't go to details of the problems. What other tools would you recommend? Again, appreciate any feedback. Best.

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Unfortunately, I don't know of any tools per se, as I've always done this ad hoc, so to speak. I could google some tools but wouldn't be able to vouch for them.

Someone else might have a better suggestion, specifically to do with drupal as well.

We moved lately to use APM from Stackify which I found very usuful in troubleshooting issues like that

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