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What is White Hat SEO? How many things or techniques are included in it? Can anyone tell me how it proves better for getting search engine result?
Guide me on this subject.

White Hat SEO, ethical search engine optimization, usually describes the process of preparing webpages to be search engine friendly according to quality content guidelines.

In general, White Hat SEO concentrates more on the on-site ranking factors rather than manipulating the off-site ranking influences.

The advantages of deploying ethical search engine optimisation is in ranking web pages. The behaviour of high rankings webpages are more predicatable, they are more easily attainable and then more easily sustainable.

ethics, cant overestimate the import of that word, on SE results
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In my terms, white hat SEO is just an ethical way to fooling up the Search engine. LOL just kidding. White hat SEO is an step by step process to make your website compatible to search engines than start spreading link popularity slowly and steadily. So this is the main summery of SEO.

White hat SEO is an ethical and legal way of optimizing your web pages so that their search engine ranking can be improved. This includes optimizing meta tags, page titles, headings, page names, keywords and off-site optimization techniques such as backlinking via website directories, article marketing, social bookmarking, blog commenting and forum posting as well as social media marketing. But the main thing is that you must perform all these activities in an ethical and proper way and you must stay within a certain limit.

Fine answer canadafred...(for real)
Really liked it. Nothing to hide... Seo is much then that and must be
In order to get results. In actuality a lot of the current web articles were written by Seo as are a lot of websites offering price compare and other leads creating tactics... Apart from the google goal to collect all human kind knowledge the web is also a business... The biggest business ever and so... Seo must play a part :)

Apart from correct web design or what google consider correct web design all web marketing tactics were meant to manipulate the search engine or help it to find us most suitable

White Hat SEO refers to SEO tactics or techniques that follow search engine rules. Some examples of that would be using backlinks and link building to improve your sites rankings. Another example would be using keywords to help your site.

White hat SEO is extremely important for getting the sales for a company. Such SEO is quite important for getting traffic from the links included in a company's content. Black hat, SEO which implies including too many keywords can get a website banned from search engine.

What is White Hat SEO? How many things or techniques are included in it? Can anyone tell me how it proves better for getting search engine result?
Guide me on this subject.

In White Hat SEO where ever you place your link it must be placed according to the Terms & Conditions of the particular website and don't do over linking Like:- Some times when we submit an article it contains 2-3 links but if we give more than 2-3 links in the same article it is not a white hat seo as it is nt fulfilling the white hat SEO conditions. So in simple words white hat seo means we must follow the guidelines as prescribed by google.

The job of SEO is to maintain the integrity of your website in the Google Search Engine Related Page.Google has specified some terms and conditions to post your site.White Hat SEO means posting your site by maintaining those terms and conditions.

Any thing that you are doing according to rules and guide lines provided by Google is called white hat SEO

Hello mate White Hat SEO means in which SEO is done through ethical ways no spamming or no copy content as per Google guidelines or as per google's algorithm.

White Hat SEO refers to the usage of SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines and completely follows search engine rules and policies.

White Hat SEO consists of the 'right' tactics to getting higher search rankings for your web page. An example of that is choosing the right keywords for your site. It doesn't involve using tactics like hijackers, spyware, and other such things to get more view for your site.

Whit hat SEO is all about following algorithm of search engines and nothing more than this.

There are some legal ways(according to Google) to do the SEO and illegal too.people who are trying to use legal ways to do SEO are called White Hat SEO people.But these legal and illegal way are only specified by Google.

White hat techniques are ethical and promoted by the best SEO companies. They are designed to enhance the searchers’ overall experience whilst also helping websites to become better categorised in the eyes of search engines. White hat methods are there to enhance the search experience and to serve the end user

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