I wasnt sure where to put this. Its a PHP script but i am running CentOS on a VPS. I have a feeling it could be an encoding problem which is why i put it here.

On the website the videos look great, and plays perfect but when i view it on the phone, the site itself is responsive but the videos arent and they are "grayed out" so to speak as you can see in the pictures. When i click on the video it brings me to the original source where embedded from.

Im using AVS 3.0

Here are a couple of pictures from the phone to show the issues

This happens only when its embedded from one specfic website:
Click Here

Happens when i click on a video:

If you look at the play button area its "grayed out"

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Hi, have you asked support to the AVS helpdesk?

Yea, they said they want to fix it. Its actually my friend site but im working on it. Its not the end of the world since its my friends and doesnt have a time limit but I would rather do it my self, only will help the learing curve.

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