I just installed CentOS in my Oracle virtual box and now I'm having trouble getting it to connect online. I'm following the directions here -> http://xmodulo.com/how-to-configure-network-interfaces-in.html but the file ifcfg-eth0 is not showing up in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ a lot of ther ifFILES are showing up but not that one. I would post the contents here but cut/past isn't working between my Mint Liunx desktop and my CentOS VM, even though I have turned that option on. My desktop is connected to the internet via my eth0 card and a network cable to my switch. Any ideas? Thanks.

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This should not be a problem at all with VBox. How have you configured the virtual network adapter for your VM? Is it nat'd or bridged? If bridged, are you using a static or dhcp address? I have run VM's on dozens of VBox installations in both Windows and Linux hosts, and never have had this problem.

Try run #ifconfig -a

See if you have any interfaces showing up my guess is the network connection that uses virtualbox might not have turned on upon boot. Had this issue before with RHEL and CentOS on VM servers.

using yum install packge_name

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