Help instaling linux fedore 17 from usb?

I have a laptop that came out with windows 7 basic, i installed backtrack 5R2 over it but now i want to install Fedora 17 over backtrack. My laptop doesnt have a CD rom so i use usb. Now when i try to install fedora 17 it boots and displays this msg :

syslinux 4.06 edd 4.06-pre1 copyright (C) 1994-2011 H. Peter Avin et al

I dont know why it does this. I can install fedora 17 becuase it doesnt want to boot further.
I have also tried this with other OS including: fedora 16, ubuntu server 12, windows 7 basic.

They all give that msg and nothing happens further. It has never done this before it is just now...
How can i fix it?

Have you tried using one of the many boot disks available that will work on a usb stick, and totally erase the partition(s) and start right from scratch?

Isnt that the default options when you use a live usb.... ?

Sounds like even if it is, something was done in the original install that got corrupted and subsequent installs aren't removing it. Using a different utility to clean it up first might help.

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