When I run
root@kali# volatility procdump -p 356 -f /root/Desktop/mydumps/myDump1.img

I get this error

Volatility Foundation Volatility Framework 2.4
ERROR : volatility.plugins.procdump: Please specify a dump directory (--dump-dir)

Any one know how can I solve it?

Im using kali linux

I appreciate your help

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I'm not really familiar with volatility, but at a guess, I'd say that it wants you to specify a dump directory using the --dump-dir command line option.
So I'd guess you'd need to add --dump-dir /path/to/dump/dir/ or --dump-dir=/path/to/dump/dir/ to your volatility procdump command (depending on how it takes parameters to the --dump-dir option).

NOTE: /path/to/dump/dir/ should be a valid path to a directory which already exists somewhere on your machine.

Once you have specified a directory to use as the dump-dir, I guess it will use that directory to write additional files to.

I find the solution
volatility procdump -p 356 -f procdump --dump-dir=my_created_dir/

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