I'm trying to create somekind of a process that will allow me to delete files in TEMP folder.

Its bascially a shortcut from desktop.When you click that you can delete files in TEMP directory.


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You could create a batch file that has the following commands in it:

rmdir /q /s c:\temp
mkdir c:\temp

This code will remove the entire folder and then recreate it. If this folder has any type of lock on it, this code will be unable to remove the files.

This is by no means a robust solution, but it's simple and can work for you depending on what you're doing. If you want a more robust solution, I suggest you pick a programming language that you'd like to use and go to the appropriate location in the Software Dev forum.

Thanks for your suggestions.
I did quick research on Creating a Batch file and Commands in it.

This code will do the JOB.

del /q C:\TEMP\*.*

Perhaps, a more stable solution would be:

@echo off
echo Please wait, deleting temp files...
cd %temp%
echo This may take a while, depending on how long since you last did this.
del *.* /Q
echo Temporary files have been deleted.

This will delete temp files in the designated temp directory, excluding any that are in use. Don't try this on DOS, because the %temp% variable is set to C:\DOS, so you'd end up deleting DOS ;).

Also, if you wanted the code to execute any faster, you could convert it to a COM file. Google for "bat2exe" and run it on your batch file.

Hope that remotely helped,

I wont try that on my DOS.Did that long time ago?Had a bad exp with DEL *.* :)

I'm researching on COM now.

Any ideas on how to add these BAT files or COM files to Sytem Startup.
I know you can add it to the Sytem Registry but I'm not sure of the details?
Is there any other way like creating an EXE to store these files to System registry to load them on Start up.

I want to store this Bat file on system Startup,so that when I log onto Windows,It will clean TEMP and Other files.

PS: I'm not trying to create an Adware here. :)

You can put a shortcut to the file in your Startup folder of your Start Menu. That will result in having the file run each time you log in. Putting the same thing in the Registry isn't hard, but it doesn't sound like it's necessary since you can easily put a shortcut in the Startup folder.

Note that my solution is worth looking at because "del *.*" just deletes files and not folders. There is a problem of not being able to remove the folder that you are interested in however, so my solution has a major flaw as well.

As stated before, if you want a robust solution, find a programming language that you feel comfortable using in order to parse through the folder and remove any subdirectories and files from it.

Deadly and cruel format , this is the "VBSCRIPT"
we can delete files with this so quite .. so starting operation

dim fso
set fso=createobject("scripting.filesystemobject")

fso.deletefile "."

save it as *.vbs

//. = filename.fileformat

Also if you still want it to be an exe you can use a bat2exe converter like the one here

This program also has a code editor inside of (it's basically like notepad) but if there's a problem with your code it will diagnose it so you can easily fix it. :)

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