Are you think Directory submission is help in SEO ..and through i get many links we submitt in one directory .i know from you guys Role of directory submission in SEO.?

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I would shy away from directories nowadays. While they were good for backlinks many, many years ago, now they're associated more with being "bad neighborhoods" of unrelated, spammy links, that can actually hurt your SEO more than help it.

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Well, tell you what directory submission is bit more outdated technique, I don't think that directory submissions are helpful anymore, Yahoo directory and DMOZ directory submission are just enough.

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Matt Cutts of Google spam said Yahoo directory is a good directory. It costs $300 a year, however. Best of the Web is another good one. They have a half-price sale the Monday after American Thanksgiving. $150 for a life-time listing. I think that is a good value. Dmoz is …

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+1 CathiedSquared: not just because I am a customer, I get to Calgary maybe once
taken by a Taxi driver to the store going between the airport and university,
my dropped laptop was fixed up in about a half hour, thanks

Keep it closely related, geographically to the area you …

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almostbob I hardly think talking in a forum is stalking. Lol. Interesting discussion. Speaking of directories, I just got Ducktoes listed in Dmoz btw, something I thought would never happen.

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I would shy away from directories nowadays. While they were good for backlinks many, many years ago, now they're associated more with being "bad neighborhoods" of unrelated, spammy links, that can actually hurt your SEO more than help it.

@dani what if directory is of high pr and good domain authority ? that would also consider as a spammy link ?

Find me a directory nowadays that meets that criteria :) They don't exist anymore IMHO.

Nowadays, directory submission affects the SEO. Anyone, have an idea which process helps you to get the backlinks ?

Yes dear directory submission helps a lot in SEO but the directory should be cached and indexed by Google. It is a fast and free method to generate traffic.

As i think directoy is still useful for SEO but here quality matter. If you are listed in DMOZ and yahoo directory then from there you will get the better amount of traffic.

So try to list your website in high quality directory sites. Hope this will useful for you.

I think directory submission is very important for backlinks,but its too much hard for creating backlinks in the directory...last day i saw one directory site..89540 is pending,active link is 7690 and today approved 380 links..its really horrible cause if i submit one link in this directory then i think when its approved that's time i stay another world:P

Anyone another to get the backlinks, except directory submission ?

Directories submission is the excellent source to get good quality traffic for your site and you can also increase ranking in search engine for this site by using this source. It is a good link building source of SEO.

Can you tell me some example of web directories ?

It's depend. If directory like Dmoz yahoo! then best. Else wastage of time.
You can mark over there, how it's worth, if you are getting a no follow or noindex link back after a several months? where now a days google consider as spammy activities.

you are do follow directories posting that is a fast appruval and benifit of site page rank

Directory submission is good way to get good quality traffic on your website. It creates good quality backlinks. Also increase ranking in search engines.

you can do directory submission in high pr directories

Hy to all
You should directory submission on high PR directories. And you can get back links by
1.Forums posting and forums commenting
2.Blog commenting
3.Press release submission
4.Article submission
5.Social bookmaring

Submission in SEO is not a effective way for site promotion. Now you should have to focus on link earning with your content,try to get links in natural way instead of link building.

Definietly its more helping for traffic.

It get chances to improves backlinks...

with the help of directory submission will get chances to improve backlinks if you use paid directory link, because paid directory submission approves quick as compare to free directory submission.

I do directory submission hope that it gives me good traffic rather than backlinks

I am not doing directory submissions nowadays but directory submissions of high PR always gives benefit.

Directory submissions are the most affordable form of link building. SEOs prefer it as an easy way to create back links. SEOs prefer directory submission as quick and cost effective way to get the new sites noticed by search engines. And thus get indexed in the search database faster.

Hi asifalizaman
directory submission is also important in seo.because directory submission is help to increase our website page rank in search engine,and not a issue that every directory site take 3-4 months for approval.Approval is depending upon our high quality keyword which we are submit in our website.

yup to a certain level it helps.

Directory Submission is getting high quality back links for your website. Quality backlinks improves our keyword ranking in search engines and help us to increase our blog traffic and page rank.

As per my point of view you just submit on those niche high PR directories which is well worth by Google.

Recently google has launched penguine 2.0 and many websites are affected which are doing spamming so you can do directory submissions but with only high pr and quality sites only.

Directorysubmission in high pr helps to increase our pr

Yes directory submission is relally helpful in SEO. Its helping for getting high ranking on keywords.

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