Hi Guys.
recently i got a Dedicated server with one Ip.
and on my side i got man domains, which i want to point for differents ip's but in one server.
I can get ip from provider but i've to by.
ok bying is not big deal.
But the point is i'm making Email Marketing for my clients, so i don't want to send all emails in one IP.because sometimes IP's are blacklisted and i want if i send something like 200 emails, at leats i must forward with 4 IP, something like Ip Rotation.

So my question is:i tryed add virtual interface something like

ifcg-eth0:0= , ifcg-eth0:2=

where my primary IP is


, but my bug is, i can see it only on local server.

If i request the ip outside of network i can't see it.
So my mind said to me, like i must redirect, making eth0 with be gateway and dns for INPUT AND OUTPUT.
SO if someone outside


, then

receive the request and return with

The idea is making eth0 the default gateway for all my virtual interfaces(



So how can i do that with iptables or another solution.

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Are you seriously asking for help in setting up Email spam?

One common method is to create a bunch of virtual machines, each with its own IP, and partition the job to those. That is basically how we did it for Adobe's Email Campaign software, used by many major vendors for email campaigns - and no, they aren't spam, per se! And users can easily opt out of receiving those emails. So, if you are a Barnes and Noble customer, this is the technology they use to send out information about sales, coupons, and such to their many millions of registered customers.

Thanks rubberman.
I'm just using solusvm to get more vps inside of my dedicated server.
And i found that only option is better is getting vm.
Thanks for reply.

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