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i am not lazy dude(REVEREND JIM). I just want to add something new in what i know. If you are reluctant to share then have it yourself. Don't comment.

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your previous posts asking for answers to homework-looking questions suggest you are, indeed, lazy...

Well, you previously asked:

Can Any body gives the answer of these questions?
1. Make subdirectories called work and play.
2. Delete the subdirectory called work.
3. Copy the file /etc/passwd into your home directory.
4. Move it into the subdirectory play.
5. Change into subdirectory play and create a symbolic link called terminal that
points to your tty device. What happens if you try to make a hard link to the tty
6. What is the difference between listing the contents of directory play with ls -l and ls -L?
7. Create a file called hello.txt that contains the words "hello world". Can you
use "cp" using "terminal" as the source file to achieve the same effect?
8. Copy hello.txt to terminal. What happens?

Sure looks like a lazy person to me...

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Lazy ,maybe ,but some time people just dont understand all the techinial jargon on the sites they find ,and need to read it in simpler answers ...i dont know the answer but i do plan on installing Kali Linux on my raspberry Pi soon

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