please help ime highly infected with viruses on every device ive had or still have for 2 years plus with old versions of internet developer mode on all my tech uninvited VPN . Generic Phone networks forced upon me and my life is being run and manipulated by constant identity theft and fruad please help

I've heard of this before. The person who claimed this would not take action to get off the internet, would not stop using Facebook and did not move to a simple flip phone. No one could help them.

  1. Get a new phone and change all your phone passwords.
  2. Wipe all your systems, including the BIOS flash memory. This would include using an industrial strength disc eraser that will clear the boot / partition sector as well.
  3. Reinstall new / patched operating systems. DO NOT USE WINDOWS!!!!
  4. Virus scan all backed up data.
  5. Use a good hardware hardware router / firewall. Configure it to not allow remote management. Do this BEFORE you connect it to the Internet.
  6. Only open up pinholes in the router for the applications you need, such as your VPN.
  7. Change all your VPN access keys and passwords.
  8. DO NOT use the same passwords on your systems as you did before.
  9. Disable remote root logins to your systems if they don't by default.
  10. Use an industrial strength spam and malware scanner for your email. Gmail is pretty good at this.
  11. Make sure you configure IP Tables and SELinux properly. If the OS you installed doesn't support SELinux, get one that does. Period.

Now you are ready to reconnect to the Internet. I'm sure I forgot a couple of items, but these are the important ones, IMO.

commented: For some, this is what it takes. +10
commented: Also use a password manager to generate and store passwords +14