With a Scanner that has data rate of 1MB/sec and 802.11n wireless has a data rate of 37.5MB/sec, is it possible to use a scanner to scan a document and transmit the data over an 802.11n wireless network at full speed?

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While the simple answer is no, we have to dive again into what is WiFi to see why. Now it should work, but you can never be sure unless the network layer has retries and more. There was this new programmer that attempted this with UDP without handshakes and failed to grasp that it was doing exactly as expected.

WiFi is in open airspace so what's going on in that airspace can unexpectedly block the link or degrade it severely. In a lab what you asked is fine. Do you need to consider outside a lab environment? Will it be OK it will work most of the time?

So you're saying in a lab environment, it would be able to transmit the data? But in a regular environment, it would not be able to transmit the data because of the network layers and the airspace?

I wrote that outside of the lab the results can be unknown but should work most of the time. This is why programmers use transport protocols that include handshakes, retries and more. Only the very newest network programmer uses the throw the packet and hope it makes it design.

Hope that's clearer.

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