Hi all, so the problem I have today is with my Asus laptop, it has a Intel Dual band Wireless-AC 7260 wifi adapter. Not sure if that will help or not but I am going to try to provide as much information as possible. So when I am at school with my laptop one of my buildings uses channel 11 (I am using Xirrus Wifi inspector) but when I go to my other building for computer science it switches to channel 6. When I am in the first building on channel 11 I have a really slow connection, it constantly drops and hardly anything loads. When I go to the building on channel 6 everything is great. I believe that channel 6 on 2.4 gHz is a lot better but how do I set it to always use that channel even in the other building. Using Xirrus it still sees channel 6 and the signal is the same as channel 11 but it always picks channel 11. To connect to the wifi here we have to submit our mac addresses to our System Admins and then use a program (while connected to the none protected network) to auto connect us to the protected network. Is there anyways I can always use channel 6? I read a an article from a guy on an intel forum (he was a mod/support tech for intel) and he had people turn off certain settings on the wifi adapter using device management which I did and worked fairly good for a while but then I constantly kept losing connection like earlier. Speeds in that building at usually a few hundred Kbps while the building with channel 6 is 30/30 mbps

The channel is set by the WAP (wireless access point) and not your laptop. It would be nice if they had use channel 9 there as well as 1 and 5 elsewhere but you can get experts to battle over channel choices.

In this case, try another WiFi adapter. I'll give a nod to the Etekcity SI-7200ND

Some channels are defaults (6 and 11 typically) so as more people connect over those channels, the performance drops. When both are in use you should be able to select the channel your adapter will connect with for that specific SSID. You may not get better speeds, but you may be able to get more consistent connections. On my home business WiFi I use channel 9 because all of my neighbors are using channel 6 for the most part - 6 is the normal default. Running on channel 6 would be impacted by the other access points in range.

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