Wondering if you lovely people can help me; my career goal is to succeed in IT but due to family issues I had to drop out of my degree. With this being networking and dealing with Microsoft Windows Server I would love to complete the MCSA.

However, in a production environment I assume that many businesses will not use the latest version due to security issues and bugs.

What would you recommend as a safe certification to complete that will give me more chances in getting into an IT Support Role. (2008, 2012, 2016).

Thanks, in Advance!

Exactly opposite here. Companies around me use the latest version to avoid not only security issues but having to re-re-re-deploy later. There are other reasons but this is the top one I run into. There are other world areas that will stick to the older versions so you need to tailor your cert to who's hiring.

Don't buy that older is more secure line. Microsoft is closing down support of old versions faster than ever and in many cases leaving the exploits intact and as-is without any patches (as they did with Windows NT and 2000!)

TL;DR follows. Get the cert your employer wants.

Thanks, it's nice to know it was somewhat a myth I was told. I don't have a particular employee in mind more of a profession. I am veering towards 2012 as 2016 material and tests and still quite new and I believe the tests are still in development.


When you wrote the tests are still in development I begin to worry these are not Microsoft's own test but one of those rather ripping you off companies with fairly worthless certs. (Oh boy am I going to hear about that!)

If there is no company you are targeting, get the latest Server certs. Creating users, pools, shares, permissions, logins is so similar that you only need to google to fill in some blank if you knew Server 2016 and had to work on 2012. In fact with most things I rarely open the book or recall from training today. I use google a lot.

Is that a bad thing?

PS. To clarify a thought here. We had an IT staffer that for some odd reason would not google a thing. They were always asking how to do stuff or wanting to call Microsoft. They didn't last long. Just a few weeks.

Thanks for your reply,

The tests are still in development shown on Microsoft’s own website via https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/learning/mcsa-windows-server-2016-certification.aspx

I can certainly see the similarities with both Server 2012 and 16. I find learning some aspects on the job using Google refreshing as I tend to find things a lot quicker using this method. Would you say it’s worth going ahead with the tests seeing as it is still in development or complete the curriculum and hold out for the tests to be final?

Many Thanks

I took a look at the exam and in development doesn't seem to mean you can't take it and get your cert.

-> Just like a college course the prof can change the course material and tests every season.

Oh wonderful, I just assume the practice exams could be a little different from the real test. I will have to be prepared (Google).

Cheers for your help!

Practive exams should not be what's on the test. The practice is to show the form and possible items on the actual test. The final in almost all courses can cover what's in the actual course.

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