Hello Daniweb,

As my title, I have a problem in my gnuplot.

I can set the minimum range based on my file.. but doing the maximum range it give a wrong output for min and max yrange.

I been searching for net and tried there solutions but it won't work for me.

This is my script line for me yrange:

set yrange [*:35] noreverse nowriteback
#set yrange [*:*] noreverse nowriteback

The first line is working, but to get the best graphical image is getting the min max of the data.

The second line is not working, as I see that is the closest answer on my problem.

Please help me to get the min max for my yrange.

This is my script:

set terminal pngcairo
set datafile separator ','
set style fill solid 0.3
set grid
set title 'Test Guide'
set offset graph 0.05, graph 0.05, graph 0.05, graph 0.05
set yrange [*:35] noreverse nowriteback
#set yrange [*:*] noreverse nowriteback
set ylabel 'Temperature'
set xlabel 'Day 0 to Day 5'
set output 'test.png'
plot 'new_test.dat' using 2:xticlabels(1) with line t 'Testing'

Thank you and God Bless

I think that the failing yrange set [:] is failing because you are trying to set the yrange to infinity which gnuplot cannot handle. I'm not a gnuplot expert, so this is just a SWAG.

Hello Sir Rubberman,

I just delete some of the data to my extracted file. Adjusting to my file is the only way I can do. After I delete first and second column the [:] is now working. The problem I think is even the string/text is included to the graph I make. But thank you for the time and reply sir.

PS: Sorry for late feedback