So I am an avid programmer. I have been writing applications in C, C++ and C# for almost 10 years now. I'm also a second year computer science student.

Like many people I love computer games, more specifically adventure/ rpg games like runescape, elder scrolls etc.

I have programmed games on my own in the past, pong, Mario clone, a proof of concept rpg (basically a player walking around an environment examining objects placed in the world).

However I have recently gotten into 3D modeling again, I've been keeping up with this hoppy for nearly 5 years now, however recently I have re-found my love for it.

I would love to put my two skills together and make a game I love, a simple rpg like game. However I'm not too sure where to start. Do I use an existing engine and program with that ( unity/c# ue4/c++), do I go from scratch and write everything myself (rendering engine, game manager ect)?

I'm finding the hardest part deciding what to do and sticking to it, as there is an overwhelming number of paths to take.

My question is, where do I start and how do I make sure I stick to a plan?

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My nod is to using engines. I think that engine creation is an art and team all to its own. So for a game creator it's more about the big design and then how to implement. If you dive into a graphics engine you are now buried in that.

If you can afford unity, I'd stick with that as, and this is an opinion, not fact, that way you get a shot at cross platform and more.

My advice, use an engine. These are specifically design for the very purpose for people to build their games upon. They take care of all the nitty gritty bits that can bog you down if you tried to do everything yourself (such as rendering, lighting effects, sound and how it is heard depending on factors, ext). Some of the engines out there are pretty amazing and can allow a lot of freedom. For instance, the Unreal engine, it's amazing to see the diversity of titles that have spawned from that.

Speaking on engines a few that come to mind are, Source, Unreal, and Unity. I am pretty sure the Source and Unreal you can get for free, but I do not know the limitations (I've only ever done personally map building with Source, using the Hammer Editor, which is actually rather easy to pick up and work with, but I have seen full fledge games come out of it). One example to point out of engines is Titanfall, which was built on Source. Look at that and Half-Life 2, and you might be surprised to see they were built on the same engine

Also, on a side note, I would write out a basic plan for the game, a road map of what you want it to be. A theme for instance, objectives, what makes it unique, and others that can help you keep focus and prevent you from going on a tangent that ends up becoming wasted time

Thanks for the reply!

Your right, engines are purpose built to take care and manage all the nitty gritty bits most people wish to overlook.

I think im going to stick with UE4 and programming modules for the engine with C++ (since I love C++).

I actually have a game plan in development at the moment (Excel sheet full of objects I wish to place in the game, checklists, the basic pseudo for the AI, game world map etc).

Thanks again for your advice! I'll be sure to keep this feed updated on any progress I make!

That's good to hear, and nice having a road map (I should really get back to making my game sometime)

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