i used the command : sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop in ubuntu 12
Now this command has not completed , remains active even after reboot and continues to stop a network connection a few seconds after it becomes active.

i looked at ps aux but i'm none the wiser.
How to eliminate this rogue proces plwase

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That command would stop the networking functions. AFter a reboot, networking would start up again automatically unless there was a problem with your configs.

May I assume you edited the /etc/networking/interfaces file and made changes before you stopped networking? If so, you should check there 1st.

what does 'ifconfig' show?

As what CimmerianX said. Also, what you did was just the same as executing the command "service networking stop" as root. As are most services, the networking services will be restarted on boot, or runlevel change (see the man pages for init or telinit).

just a clarification. Yes networking is restarted automatically after a reboot however this request to stop networking is still active and stops the coneection. A few seconds later networking restarts automatically just seconds later again kileed off and so on.
Yes i will check networking interfaces but that rogue process would not show there i believe.

Are you saying that running " sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop" just keeps running over and over again?

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