About 3 days ago. My laptop started behaving strangely (I'm on it, right now). I let it fall couple of times, but that was really some time ago about 3 months. Everything worked fine, no errors, crashes, "instant deaths".

But recently, as said, 3 days ago. Laptop popped me out a message on pre-Windows level (looks like BIOS), telling me literally "

RTC battery is low.
Press F2 key to set date/time.

So I thought, okay, I will set the time and go on with my life. But then I went in a game (lateron I found out it's not about the game, it happens just randomly or when I press area around touchpad (the gray metalic area which is like 15% of laptop's base which has touchpad in middle)) and suddenly it went off, as if my power supply was gone, it's as if you pulled all electricity from it an instant poof.

After restarting (just pressing power button), it asked me again for time and I did it again, then it again crashed, but from this moment and until now, following encounters. I start the laptop, it shuts down before Toshiba's logo appears (it appears while you can press F2 and F12 for BIOS access), [Note, from here on, the "attempts" are happening within 3 seconds from another]. I start it again, it takes laptop 10 seconds to show Toshiba's logo, it asks me to set time (message above). So I pressed F2. White _ appeared in top left with black background, it was really white (not regular grayish) and it didn't "tick" (it wasn't blinking, it's just statically there). After some time I thought I might just shut it down using power button (holding it 3 seconds), after restarting, laptop shuts down again before Toshiba's logo appears, on another attempt of powering up, logo of Toshiba appears in 5 seconds and computer proceeds with regular booting. When I look at Windows's time it points me to 2012, luckily I can update the time through servers because I can't access HTTPS pages otherwise.

Then I looked up at "set date/time", so I immediately thought about that battery on motherboard that counts time when accu is dead. So I exchanged it with a new one, but it still prompts the message and laptop still dies.

Another thing worth noting, this laptop just can't stand in "Sleep Mode". If I put it to sleep, after 30 minutes normally it turns on and shuts down (found out he would turn on in my laptop bag when I found out). Sometimes I put it to sleep in the evening and then it wakes about after 2-5 hours and shuts down too (I don't know what the difference is). This happens both on BIOS, Windows and Linux (that's why I'm posting this in general)

@edit - Sometimes applying pressure on gray metalic area (reference above, somewhere) doesn't cause computer to crash. It would be even ridiculous sometimes when I detach my keyboard and lightly push plastic cover to metal cover of fan, it would crash too without any actual attachment to the motherboard.

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Time to move the game up a notch. Bring out your Volt meter and tell me how many Volts the RTC battery is and the model battery.

I don't see the full make/model of the laptop but as you go past a few years they can get cranky and crap out if you twist or stress the frame a little. While I like to take it apart to do a deep clean and reseat all connections this may be too scary for most owners. If so you backup your stuff and move onto a newer machine. Repair costs are getting so close to a replacement here.

Here's a YouTube video showing how to clean and care for a cranky connection. This applies to almost all electronics.
Skip to 3:50 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuwG5wqxTpE


Bring out your Volt meter and tell me how many Volts the RTC battery is and the model battery.

Sir, me no smart, me no have Volt meter. Seriously though. I'm more of a software guy and Volt-meter and Ampere-meter and Ohm-meter and all others are not quite accessible.

If so you backup your stuff and move onto a newer machine. Repair costs are getting so close to a replacement here.

Consider it done.


I understand that. Many folk never had the need for such a thing.

OK, many of the RTC batteries like the common CR2032 are held in with a spring. I've run across many someone was a little too rough and I have to bend it so it holds the battery and connects solidly.

Also some batteries are not so hot out of the package so I have taken to reading the battery voltage before I change it out. This has saved me countless times.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMQI5R79lx4 really gets into it but for me I find the unloaded CR2032 if over 3 Volts have been good. Any below 3 are recycled.

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