I'm having Windows 8.1 ISO file. I also have 7.9GB USB. I wanted to find program which would help me install Windows next to Ubuntu to play games.

So I managed to use UNetbootin but it didn't work. It booted and displayed "Default" as only menu. Whethever you did wait 10 seconds as it asked or you clicked on Enter, it just refreshed and restarted counting down.

Later I used: root@Rik-PC:~# sudo dd if=/home/rik/Desktop/teddy.iso of=/dev/sdc | pv -s 20G, 0B/s for about 5 minutes, kinda disappointed me.

Do you maybe know another ways?

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Last command sudo dd has finished, after booting, nothing happened, it took about a minute to go through USB and then it went to Internet, DVD and then HDD according to order.

You might want to look into Bart's PE which will allow you to boot into a USB Windows environment. I seem to recall reading somewhere that Windows 9 will come with a tool which allows you to build a Windows USB.

VMware and have windows on virtual machine?

@Slavi I wish I could but it's not gonna happen. My PC isn't a hardcore rig. If I start virtual machine and install Windows on it and then try to play game, I expect to have many hardware lags, which I can avoid by just installing Windows next to Ubuntu.

@Reverend_Jim Why wait for Windows 9? Rufus (a program) did fantastic job installing bootable Ubuntu 14.04 on USB. The only program I see from BartPE is .exe, that doesn't really like Linux, you remember?

Before you suggest anything else. Today is "tomorrow" since I posted this topic. I could bump in USB, modify it's content etc., now when I'm inserting USB it prompts me error.

The faden out parts are my name something like "joseph" or "michael" or "rik" or "aiden" (I do see them, but for personal privacy I did fade 'em out with GIMP)

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