I’m looking for a music app to play my music library for Android, here’s what I do and don’t need. I don’t use monthly pay services or use DRM is encumbered music Files. I have a library on my computer consisting of mp3, flacc, and wav files. I want to simply sync the library from my computer to the micro as card that goes in my phone. So I need a player that can play all the formats mentioned above and read music from the specified directory on the sd card. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Re: Android Music App 80 80

Once I skip over the cloud players I pretty much land on the same players I see others use at https://www.tomsguide.com/round-up/best-android-music-player

Here I'm OK with Amazon's own player but hey, I'm not a collector and it has enough for me.

PS. Also, Hi! Good to see you are still around.

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